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A message from Henry Engelhardt CBE, CEO of Admiral Group

"We're always looking for the best minds and brightest talent to drive our businesses forward. That's why we're keen to recruit the very best MBA graduates to key roles throughout the Admiral Group."

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David Peters: Head of Legal, Admin, Finance and MIS at

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We're @HECParisMBA today and ready for our company presentation. RT if you're coming to see us.

To launch the Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon some of our staff visited @SDFHC to see where the money goes (p…

Taking time to check in with your team could be the most productive thing you do all day.

How Collective Learning Improves Innovation

App developers listen to their customers and competitors to learn how to succeed.

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Why More Businesses Should Consider Flat Pricing

Flat pricing can represent a win-win for customers and firms.

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The “greenhouse effect” could become stronger in years to come.

Is Hillary Clinton Right About Share Buybacks?

Share buybacks do not undermine long-term shareholder value.

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RT @UoMPolicy: Tickets available for this free event featuring our co-Director @DianeCoyle1859 . If you can't make it, @MBSnews will be Liv…

Workplace Excellence Can Be Contagious

Collective outcomes soar when top performers mingle with less adept colleagues.

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RT @UOBChina: China's industrial profits rise most in three years as economy stabilises @CREMEatBham @UoB_Business…

Prepare Your Exit From the Start

For many executives walking away can be the hardest part of the job.

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RT @bexa85: Last places remaining on our Prometheus programme: Executive leadership for the 3rd-sector @MBSnews

The Climate Could Be More Sensitive to CO2 Than We Think

Climate sensitivity could be underestimated, adding urgency to reducing carbon emissions.

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Share buybacks are the ultimate shareholder-friendly event but aren’t appreciated by all stakeholders.…

An OPEC for Migrant Labour?

A labour-exporting cartel could empower migrant workers and the economies which rely on their remittances.

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Most popular on the app: Why Forcing Market Change Is Good Strategy

The Middle East’s New Oil Paradigm

Saudi Aramco’s proposed partial privatisation is the start of much needed GCC reform.

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How to design a digital marketing strategy that resonates with customers. @D1Dubois